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WASH Premier Edition Comic Book Available for Free Download!

CAIB Director Francis Odupute is producing the 12 part comic book series “Schoolchildren Battle Malaria and Other Diseases” with 'WASH 4 All' and partnered with Horizon International and MediaBFI, and it’s being offered for free throughout the world!
WASH 4 ALL (water, sanitation and hygiene for all) comic book series and short animated cartoon videos are being produced by Horizon International, an NGO based at Yale University, New Haven, CT, in collaboration with the media service of Beautiful Feet International (MediaBFI), a non-profit organization based in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.
The comics are being created to positively engage youths in the fight against diseases related to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.
The comic book, “Schoolchildren Battle Malaria and Other Diseases,” was created and designed by Francis Odupute, an award-winning artist and journalist, and his MediaBfi team in Nigeria.  Francis U. Odupute is Founder and President of Bfi and an artist for Horizon International.
This is the first edition of a planned 12 part series entitled “WASH 4 All.”
 “Parents, schoolteachers, and community-leaders and health care workers through the entire world who can use the comic as a learning tool, are also part of our audience,” said Odupute.  “They all play strategic roles in WASH education efforts.”
As Odupute says, “Cartoons and comics are a unique art form and powerful information, education communication tool for public education and behavioural change, especially among youths.  Working together with Horizon International has given us the opportunity to apply our talents to help youth especially in countries where the need for greater understanding of the importance of WASH is greatest.  And to thus engage youths to tackle WASH challenges in the spirit of securing their future.”
This first comic book focuses on malaria and touches on other water-related diseases.

About Horizon International:
Horizon International works to find and advance solutions in the interconnected areas of health, the environment, population and economic well being and, in recent years, is concentrating on addressing water and sanitation and hygiene problems and solutions.  The non-profit NGO is based at Yale where it has been a guest of the University since 1992.  Multimedia programs including a solutions site at, which is the organizations main web presence, an oceans website at, and international TV programs, many of which can be viewed on YouTube at, other educational materials, lectures, conference participation and consultations, and an associate program with interns and other volunteers are means employed to achieve its goals.  Horizon’s recent effort is the production of the book, Water and Sanitation Related Diseases and the Environment: Challenges, Interventions and Preventive Measures, a Wiley-Blackwell collaboration with Horizon International, for which Horizon’s head, Janine M. H. Selendy, is Editor.  Horizon International’s Home website is:
About Beautiful Feet International (BFI):
Beautiful Feet International (BFI) Ministry is a faith-based organization in Nigeria whose objectives include charity, youth empowerment, moral suasion/evangelism, development education and community health/WASH issues, media advocacy, and educational literature distribution, among other development efforts.  Since its establishment in 1998, BFI has collaboratively networked internationally to bring about sustainable youth as well as moral capital development and wholesome living in the society, the latest of which is the CARTOON AFRICA INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL (CAIB) festival hosted by Nigeria.
The BFI Kreative Brainz Klub (BFIKBK) is one of the leading implementing partners/organizers of the CAIB festival, a collaborative, public education project using comedic Art-drawings, cartoons, animations, etc, to collaboratively push for sustainable development in Africa by promoting Cartooning as a great art form, celebrating and rewarding excellence in the use of cartoons and comics to address issues of public interest, raise awareness on many critical issues and concerns that are not given the level of attention they rightly deserve; to engage African youths in addressing these concerns via creative education and capacity building in multidisciplinary communication skills needed for securing Africa’s future; and to shape opinions of the general public, deepen democracy and catalyze moral capital development revolution in a global context, within the prism of humour, edutainment and cross-cultural education/exchanges.
Other members of the Bfi team who worked on this comic book are: Sophia C. Odupute, Logistics and Concepts Support, Joy Otono, Letterer, and Architect Edwin Irabor, Colourist.
As part of an ongoing youth/community-led WASH education/health outreach by BFI for schools and communities, the “WASH 4 ALL” comic book plus the new “Me-WASH info-graphic bulletins” being produced by MediaBFI, are also expected to be published in print version by MediaBFI as part of the CAIB-MeWASH Free Comics and Cartoon Workshop For Youths supporting events at every CAIB event to help youths and schoolchildren in Nigeria and across Sub-Saharan Africa, who can’t access or download the virtual versions online, to be able to read the comics and share the information via peer-education.
Francis Umendu Odupute was the 2012 World Water Week (WWW) WASH Media Award winner in the cartoon/photo category where he and Selendy met.  The WWW is organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and takes place in Stockholm, Sweden.  The WASH Media Award competitions are sponsored by SIWI and the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council(  WWW “has been the annual focal point for the globe’s water issues since 1991,” according to SIWI.  “It is a platform for over 200 collaborating organizations to convene events about water and development issues. Individuals from around the globe also present their findings at the scientific workshops.”  The SIWI website is available at
An article about Odupute and his award, WASH Media Award Winners Recognized for Excellence in Reporting ,” is available on the Horizon International Solutions Site at, and another article by Odupute, based on his own daughter’s previous school, “Evbuotubu Primary School, Nigeria: A Journalist’s Experience (1 and 2),” is available at
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