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3rd CAIB Festival Focuses on Capacity Building and Youth Engagement

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The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Edo State Council, will host the forthcoming 3rd CARTOON AFRICA INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL (CAIB2016/2017), holding in November, 2016, in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, with an audacious traveling  ‘Open Cartoon Campaign’ on sustaining the environment; plus an INTENSIVE 3-day international visual journalism training for journalists and other stakeholders.

According to Francis Umendu Odupute, initiator and curator of the biennial public education media/art event, “CAIB exists primarily to shape public opinion and drive sustainable development in Africa through media and comedic Art. Every other year, we bring together in Nigeria international press cartoonists, photojournalists, cartoon animators, graphic communicators and visual journalists from Africa and around the world to Nigeria, through their artworks, to proffer artistic solutions, fresh angles and new perspectives and lend their creative voices in artistically addressing certain vital development issues not given the attention they deserved, while fostering dialogue, cross cultural creative exchanges, youth engagement/capacity building and moral capital development in favour of Africa’s development and productivity within the prism of graphic humour and edutainment.”

Odupute, however, pointed out that the CONTEST part of the cartoon biennial is currently on hold till the basic funding and logistics needs to sustain it are fully met by CAIB organizers and their partners. He cited funding dearth as CAIB’s overwhelming hindrance/challenge, due to inadequate local sponsorship support from stakeholders of the novel project.

“The theme of the 3rd edition of the international collaborative cartoon event is: “Africa of the Future: Sustainable Environment Equals Sustainable Development”. Cartoonists, photojournalists, illustrators, cartoon animators, graphic communicators and visual journalists in Africa and across the world are requested to send in their contributions in line with the theme of the biennial. Certificates of participation and free copies of the catalogue, when published, shall be sent to every artist whose work is selected for the CAIB2016/2017 festival/exhibition”, Odupute assured.

CAIB 2016/2017 will feature an audacious “OPEN CARTOON CAMPAIGN” tagged “SUSTAINING THE ENVIRONMENT THROUGH YOUTH ENGAGEMENT”  by FICDATA, public presentation, launching and free distribution of some comic books, “MeWASH” info-graphics, “MediaGroom” bulletins and other educational materials, to youths/students.

An international visual journalism/development communication training course for African journalists and journalism/development  communication students/youths on visual journalism and specialized reporting, including  Arts Journalism, Environment and Health Journalism, Development and Peace Journalism,  Youth and Gender reporting”, “Democracy/human rights reporting”,  and more, will climax the event opening, to be facilitated by MediaBFI.

The visual journalism course will emphasis on deploying cartooning, photojournalism, illustrated storytelling/comics journalism, info-graphics/picture-supported communication, visual literacy, new media, digital tools and data to tell impact stories that can catalyze/trigger positive changes in society.

The visual journalism course participants will be exposed to the fundamentals of photojournalism and illustrated storytelling, vital journalism tools and techniques needed to tell impact stories visually, how and where to get them,  and the many international opportunities that abound for journalists in illustrated storytelling, photography and information graphics. All participants would be certificated by MediaBFI.

Odupute continues: “African practicing female journalists will participate in the international visual journalism course for free. Other interested persons must support the project with only N10, 000 participation/training fees. Participants from outside Nigeria will pay only USD$150 participation fees which includes the certificate of participation.  ALL PARTICIPANTS IN THE 3-DAY COURSE WHO WISH TO HAVE COPIES OF THE TRAINING MATERIALS PLUS HOW-TO BOOKS/ RESOURCE MATERIALS AT THE WORKSHOP MUST PURCHASE THEIR OWN COPIES FROM THE ORGANISERS. PHOTOCOPYING OF THE BOOKS AND HANDOUTS WILL BE REGARDED AS GROSS VIOLATION OF COPYRIGHTS OF THE OWNERS, AUTHORS/OGANIZNERS AND WILL BE FORBIDDEN.”

To add verve to the CAIB2016/2017 festival, ART VOICES INTERNATIONAL (AVI), WASH MEDIA NETWORK NIGERIA (Edo State chapter) will join forces with FICDATA, African Press Cartoon Services and BFI Art Center to power/facilitate the “Open Cartoon Campaign” on the environment, health and wellness, via traveling youth-engagement creative education outreaches, cartoon workshops and comedic art therapy and exhibitions in schools, youth groups and children/youth focused organizations and other stakeholders, in selected Nigerian towns and cities and, depending on funding improvement, in some West African countries and beyond until December 31, 2017, when preparations for the 4th CAIB festival for 2018 will begin.

The National Museum, Benin City, one of the founding in-kind supporters of CAIB festival since it was established in 2012, will set the ball rolling for the “youth engagement cartoon workshops and comedic art therapy” by hosting a 2-day free cartoon workshop and health outreach for primary and secondary school children/youths in Benin City, in November, 2016. The cartoon workshops will, among other important health issues in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”, emphasize involving young people in the global fight to end defecating in the open and other negative health habits that compromise personal health of young people in Africa.

All schoolchildren who partake in this free cartoon workshop will each receive a certificate of participation, free feeding/refreshment, free LIFEGATE AFRICANA comics books and drawing pads courtesy of BFI, a free print copy of the 1st edition of “WASH4All comics series” and other educational health and wellness materials, courtesy of Horizon International (USA), MediaBFI (lead organizer), The Pollination Project (USA), and other supporters.

Best artworks and concepts gleaned from the workshop will be added to the CAIB travelling exhibitions, while some of the comic ideas by the children/students will be given to professional African illustrators, comic artists and press cartoonists to use as “story seeds” to produce more polemic artworks to form part of the ongoing 2nd edition of WASH4All comic book series tentatively titled “RED CARD2OPEN DEFECATION”. (The 1st of 13 editions of the comics/short cartoon animation series was titled “SCHOOLCHILDREN BATTLE MALARIA AND OTHER DISEASES” and has been globally downloaded for free online since it was produced in 2014 by MediaBFI and Horizon International.

See the following links:, and also at:  Print copies of the comics are being published by MediaBFI for schoolchildren in rural areas who cannot access the internet. Also, virtual copies of the MeWASH comics/info-graphics  are already being published online at: for free download worldwide in the context of health edutainment for all on how to habitually practice environment- friendliness, develop good sanitation culture, and fight malaria and other avoidable diseases).

After the National Museum hosting, Project Charilove, Benin City, is expect to host a mini “Open Cartoon Campaign” on sustaining the environment via a cartoon workshop/exhibition for its less privileged/physically challenged inmates; later on, the Medium Security Prisons, Oko, is expected to host a SPECIAL comedic art therapy workshop for some of its inmates on ‘health and moral capital development’ before the end of December, 2016.

“There is already an ongoing school-to school health and wellness creative education visits by MediaBFI in Benin City, tagged “WASH@Schools” outreach, being supported by The Pollination Project (USA) and some individuals in Nigeria”, the CAIB curator said. See:

Sometime in 2017, the University of Benin’s Fine and Applied Arts Department and their mass communication sister department are expected to jointly host a major “OPEN CAARTOON CAMPAIGN” and a “youth-engagement development communication/peace journalism and comedic art/visual journalism workshop for its students at the Ekehuan Road campus of the famous university, to build capacity of the emerging creative artists, mass communicators, prospective development/change advocates and thought leaders of Africa of the future. Highpoint of the campus workshop event will be the launching of “ARTtention UNIBEN” and or “THE ART HISTORIAN In Training”, a collaborative Arts journalism magazine(s) by ArtVoices International (AVI) magazine and UNIBEN Art History students.

Finally on youth engagement outreaches in Nigeria, CAIB2016/2017 team also plans to donate a FREE COMICS LIBRARY to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp in Edo State by mid-2017. All children in the IDP camp are expected to also receive FREE copies of CAIB strategic visual literacy/creative education literature, especially the PEACE & RECONCILIATION COMICS, WASH4All comics, LIFEGATE AFRICANA comics, etc. For more information on the BFI FREE COMICS LIBRARY intervention, click here:



“If you want to change a nation, change its youths.” – Oje Ohiwerei

Within the framework and goal of the pan-African international cartoon biennial, CAIB’s lead organizer/spender, Beautiful Feet International (BFI), will on May 20, 2017, host the first ever international ‘Strategic Meeting of African Christian creatives’ – cartoonists, comic artists, illustrators, graphic designers, cartoon animators, writers,  publishers, producers, print, broadcast media practitioners/mass communicators, actors, music makers, poets, and all relevant stakeholders in the Christian arts and edutainment community in Africa. It aims at leveraging on the CAIB platform to provide an answer to the question, “HOW MAY WE BETTER SYNERGIZE AND EFFICACIOUSLY DEPLOY ART MINISTRY TO COMMUNICATE FOR GOD, SAVE LIVES AND IMPROVE MORAL CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA THESE PERIOUS TIMES, IN A MUTUALLY BENEFITTING MANNER?”

As a lead up to the groundbreaking strategic meeting, BFI has established the “ARTS4GOD” project, a mutually benefitting initiative expected to strategically drive the “African Christian creatives” vision to encourage and properly promote the innovative and audacious use of visual arts, literature/visual literacy, dramatic presentations, multimedia digital tools, the internet/social media, new media, film industry, etc,  by African Christian artists, writers, development communicators, gospel ministries and edutainment industry to collaboratively create, produce and disseminate wholesome information and edutainment  and the good news, especially through youth literature, the social/mass media, visual journalism/info-graphics, drama and cartoon animation films, comic books and graphic novels, pictorial tracts and more, to reach out to  youths and others in Africa and beyond, within the context of moral capital development , spiritual growth and financial empowerment in favour of securing  Africa of the future.

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